Monday, 17 May 2010

A good idea in principle !

Went to visit my brother ( he is a wedding photographer) this weekend and picked up this beauty

My son and myself are clubbing together to buy it off him as he has just got a new one. My son is studying A level photography and hopes to continue it at degree level and I thought it would be a good step up for taking photos of items to sell, a good idea in principle the only problem is it scares the pants off me :-/  I do have a little knowledge, a GCSE in photography but that was the old film based, where do I start !!! so many buttons and settings.



  1. Wow, what a beauty! I'm sure you'll soon get the hang of it. I bet your son will have it sussed within minutes! :-)


  2. hi i got a digital slr for my birthday in march and i love i have no background in photography but my camera comes just about every where with me and i just play around with it taking photos of anything that will stand still for long enough!!!a friend of mine has set herself a task of a photo a day as a challenge and has come up with some fab stuff or you could head over to the gallery (blog) and join their photo a week - good luck with it and keep us posted with new photos

  3. Wow! bit jealous, you'll get the hang of it, I've got Nikon D40 just a starter SLR and I love it, there's loads of magazines- whsmiths do some quiet good ones which can start you off, you'll be addicted once you get started and want photoshop next ;o) have fun xxb

  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments I plan to have a good play around on the weekend when I have got a bit more time, I already have photoshop and can do a few things on it. I can be a bit impatience sometimes and just want to be able to master things in a couple of minutes......will keep you posted Debsx

  5. Wow what a beauty! I just one too after doing photography many years ago in college as was also scared off it - i have had a couple of weeks of playing and love it :-) Must look up more info on f stops etc though as it has nearly all slipped my mine and like you it was film cameras back then.