Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Marathon christmas tutorial week 2

Pencil case
This week it is a present for kids of all ages, by varing the colours this pencil case would suit first time scribbler right up to teenages and beyond.
This is what you will need 4 pieces of cotton 14cm x 26cm ( two for the front and back two for the lining), 30 cm nylon zip, stripes of fabric at least 2.5 cm wide, coloured cottons and My pattern printed on to t-shirt transfer paper ( you can find this in good stationers in the printing paper section). You can down load my pattern sheet here.
Cut out roughly the pencils on the transfer sheet and following the guide lines iron on to the stripes of fabric ( it is worth ironing the strips of fabric first to make sure they are flat). When cool remove the backing paper. Cut around the pencils again just on the out side of the black lines.
Position them on to your front piece of fabric marking with a taylors chalk ( you can not pin the pieces on as that leaves holes in the transfer). Then sew on the pencils one at a time, go slow and sew just in side the black line when you are approaching a corner use the hand wheel on your machine to get greater accuracy, also leave the needle down in the fabric when turning.
Continue until you have sewn all three on to your front piece.
N.B I always use a zip larger then my piece of fabric this way you do not have to sew around the bulkier end bits.
Lay your zip face down along the top edge of your front piece and then place you lining fabric on top, pin and sew using your zipper foot

Do the same on the other side then press open be careful not to iron the transfers.
Open the zipper half way and then open out the pencil case so you are pining lining to lining and front to back, the zipper must be folded towards the lining end, and pin.
Sew around the pencil case leaving the bottom edge of the lining open. I sew over the zip a couple of time, go steady and use the hand wheel if you machine stuggles with the layers.

Trim the corners and excess zip off, turn the right way sew the opening in the lining shut with zigzag or over lock if you have one and press.
And there you have it fill them with lots of lovely stationery, a great gift for christmas.
You can make them any size you want, I have made a slim one with just one pencil transfer on for my friend to keep just a couple of pens in her handbag.
Good luck any problems leave me a comment and I will try and help.

Happy sewing :-)

You are quite welcome to use any of my tutorials for personal or fundraising events, but please do not reproduce the patterns or items for sale in shops with out first contacting me.
Have fun Debsx


  1. I love your blog and the very clear instructions and photos.
    Your products are lovely too.

  2. I hate putting zips in! You make it look so easy!

    Love the pencil case - the design reminds me of beach huts and hot sunny days!

  3. Those cases are great and you've made it all so clear , thankyou !

  4. That is such a good idea to use longer zips! I really struggle with the nobbly bits and get frustrated with it - I take it trimming the zip doesn't 'harm' it??

    Thanks for the tutorial!! :)

  5. gracias por tu tutorial besos desde argentina

  6. This prject seems great! The perfect pencil case for a child starting school